Internal Radiation Dosimetry (1994 HPS SS)

Author:  Otto Raabe
ISBN:  9780944838471      ISBN10:  0944838472
Published:  1994 | 667 pp | 



Health Physics  |  February 1995

"This is the textbook prepared for student use at the 1994 summer school on internal radiation dosimetry sponsored by the Health Physics Society and conducted on the campus of the University of California at Davis. As the title implies, the focus of the textbook is specific to radiation dose due to radionuclides located within the body. The thirty chapters which make up the textbook were prepared by the nationally and internationally recognized experts who taught at the summer school. Each chapter is a comprehensive treatment of a specific aspect of the topic. Throughout the book the reader is provided with an excellent breadth and blend of theoretical concepts with practical applications and analyses which only such a cadre of seasoned professionals can supply. Redundancies are minimal despite the multiplicity of authorship, the lack of cross-referencing among chapters, and the close relationship among certain topics. Those duplications that do occur emphasize important interrelationships in this multidisciplinary specialty area of health physics. "Early chapters introduce the subject and detail the fundamental concepts, terminology, units, quantitative relationships, and common complexities of internal dose estimates. Other chapters provide detailed discussions of the biokinetics of internally deposited radionuclides and clearly describe and illustrate the use of multicomponent models to simulate radionuclide behavior in the body from time of intake to time of excretion or decay. Several chapters specifically elaborate on the approaches embodied in the radiation protection methodologies, recommendations, guidelines, standards, and regulations promulgated by various national and international bodies. Some later chapters in the book focus on the development and illustration of various bases for internal dose estimates. Starting points for the estimates include radionuclide intake data, in vivo and in vitro bioassay data, postmortem tissue sample analysis data, or some combination of these types of information. Also provided in yet other chapters are descriptions of programs and techniques for assuring the quality of input data used in exposure evaluations as well as the quality of the resulting estimates of dose and risk. Estimation of health risk based on radiation dose estimates is the subject of the last chapters in this textbook. "This textbook covers internal radiation dosimetry as it applies in all settings, e.g., research and development laboratories, medical facilities, nuclear power plants, waste management facilities, and facilities undergoing decontamination and decommissioning. It also provides an extensive body of information and data useful to standard setting and sensible regulation. The reader of this textbook will find a complete reference for internal dosimetry information. Nearly every chapter includes an adequate if not exhaustive listing of reference literature. The material is presented in a manner suitable for reading and understanding by beginning students while also encompassing open issues and recent advances to refresh the advanced professional health physicist. The book should be an invaluable tool for any health physicist with internal radiation dosimetry responsibilities."

Paul S. Rohwer