Medical Physicists and Malpractice (softcover)

Author:  Robert Shalek & David Gooden
ISBN:  9780944838655      ISBN10:  0944838650
Published:  1996 | 140 pp | Softcover



Health Physics  |  December 1996

Health Physics, December 1996

"This volume is presented in a very readable and interesting format. The eight main chapters are titled 1.) Basis of the Law, 2.) Types of Lawsuits, 3.) Legal Procedure, 4.) The Legal Duty of Medical Physicists, 5.) Reducing Liability Exposure, 6.) Some Malpractice Cases Involving Medical Physicists, 7.) When Things Go Wrong, and 8.) Editorial and Professional Views. An Epilogue is included and a case study is presented in four parts at key points in the text. A useful glossary, a reference list containing 138 entries, and a subject index are included in the volume.

"For medical physicists and other radiation protection experts in related fields this is a thought provoking volume. It is presented in a very readable way with clear and concrete examples to exemplify principles, various types of errors and the legal duties of a medical physicist.

"The authors make the important contrasts between the legal and scientific aspects of medical physics practice and offer guidance to medical physicists to '...reduce their exposure to liability while improving their professional performance.'

"The book is interesting reading for any professional in the allied radiation protection sciences. While it is tailored specifically for the medical physicist, it is thought provoking and describes principles that could be effectively applied to many professional disciplines in applied radiation protection science.

"At $35.00 for the soft cover edition, it is reasonably priced for its content and utility in today's litigation-rich environment."

Michael T. Ryan, Reviewer