Physics of Radiology

Author:  Anthony B. Wolbarst
ISBN:  9780944838952
Published:  1993 | 461 pp. | Hardcover



Radiation Therapist  |  Spring 2008

Although the field of radiation physics has several established authors, this new book gives a somewhat different perspective on the field’s basic content areas in radiation therapy, medical dosimetry and medical physics. The text is updated from the original version titled, The Physics of Radiotherapy X-Rays From Linear Accelerators, and is well written and comprehensive. The book’s content also appears to be accurate, current and professionally edited.

The book begins with a chapter on medical linear accelerators and ends with a chapter on tumor and normal tissue response. Multiple chapters in the book discuss the development of radiation therapy treatment planning techniques, giving the reader a conceptual understanding of how the knowledge has been created, empirically built and applied. The additional chapters are well organized and referenced for easy identification of a specific subject area. Questions are included at the end of each chapter, and the well-written answer keys are at the back of the book.

This book will appeal primarily to graduate and professional students in medical physics, radiation oncology residency programs and professional medical programs. The Physics of Radiotherapy X-Rays and Electrons is a comprehensive book that would be a great reference tool for established medical physicists, radiation oncologists, medical and radiation therapy educators. Professionals who already work in this field also may find this book interesting and useful.

Robert D. Adams, EdD, R.T. (R)(T), CMD
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Department of Radiation Oncology