Physics of Radiology

Author:  Anthony B. Wolbarst
ISBN:  9780944838952
Published:  1993 | 461 pp. | Hardcover



Health Physics  |  January 1994

Radiology, September 1992 (Review of the First Edition)

"This softcover handbook is intended for use by physicians and residents who deal with cancer patients. It is designed to serve as a quick reference and clinical guide, particularly for house officers on oncology rotations. The book includes chapters on radiation physics, radiobiology, clinical oncology (arranged by site), emergencies, palliation, combination therapy, radiation safety, recent developments, and quality assurance.

The general organization of the book is similar to that of the major radiation oncology textbooks, and it is therefore comprehensive. Each clinical chapter includes a brief but generally thorough discussion of the basic science, clinical management, treatment results, and morbidity. Brief details regarding radiation therapy are also given. Enough of these details are given to allow non-radiation oncologists to understand the modality in order to discuss the issues intelligently with their patients and participate in management decisions with the consulting physicians. The print is large enough to read easily and is clear. Illustrations are used sparingly, thus enhancing the value of this text as a handbook. Overall, the recommendations for management follow conventional, widely accepted guidelines.

This manual is unique. It will be particularly helpful for medical, surgical, and gynecological oncology fellows as well as other house officers on oncology rotations."

Stephen C. Rush (M.D.)

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