Applied Radiobiology and Bioeffect Planning

Author:  David Wigg
ISBN:  9781930524057      ISBN10:  1930524056
Published:  2001 | 486 | Hardcover



The Physicist  |  November/December 2001

"Recent advances in Radiotherapy allow complex 3D modeling and treatment of patients with finely judged variations in radiation dose. Current treatment modelling (planning) is based on physical dose only, however biological effect is usually not directly proportional to dose. Radiobiology is the science of mathematically modelling the effect of radiation on complex and interrelated biological systems. Bioeffect planning is the translation of physical dose plans into units, which express radiobiological effect.

"Dr. David Wigg, an Australian Radiation Oncologist, is a pioneer in the development of bioeffect planning. He has taken to heart the following quote: 'All models are wrong, but some are useful' (Box, 1984), and has provided details of the more useful best-estimate parameters and models while maintaining a healthy caution of such models.

"The earlier chapters discuss Linear-Quadratic radiobiological models, and parameters such as radiosensitivity, time, cell repopulation, dose rate, fractionation, and volume effects. A specific application of the parameters to stereotactic treatments of AVMs is included, and the issue of biological effects of chemotherapy, particularly on late reacting normal tissues, is addressed, despite limited available data.

"Of particular interest are the tables of 'plausible parameter values' of radio-sensitivity, volume effect and doubling times, which comprise a very useful summary of radiobiological data for application to bioeffect planning. Several useful predictive models of tumour control probability and late tissue effects are detailed. Clinical applications of these models are used to display the potential advantages of bioeffect planning in differentiating between dose and fractionation schemes, between subtly different treatments and therefore for optimising complex treatment plans.

"This book is recommended for Radiotherapy Physicists interested in the application of Radiobiology to planning."

P.M. Oswald

The Physicist

November/December 2001