Handbook of Nuclear Medicine

Handbook of Nuclear Medicine  Price Reduced!

Author:  Mark Madsen & James Ponto
ISBN:  9780944838143
Published:  1992 | 114 pp | Softcover


Table of Contents

Table 1. Physical Characteristics of Commonly Used Radionuclides
Table 2. Universal Decay Table
Table 3. Rules of Thumb for Nuclear Medicine
Table 4. Mass Attenuation Coefficients of Important Materials at Selected Photon Energies
Table 5. Buildup Factors in Water and in Lead
Table 6. Density of Common Materials
Table 7. Physical Properties of Solid Scintillators
Table 8. Standard Man Table
Table 9. Standard Man Intake and Output Balance (Rad Health)
Table 10. Units Used in MIRD Dose Calculations
Table 11. Conversion from Traditional to SI units
Table 12. Conversion from SI to Traditional Units
Table 13. MIRD Dosimetry
Table 14. Quimby Dose Formulae
Table 15. Adult Dosimetry
Table 16. Pediatric Dose Tables
Table 17. Dose Estimates to Embryo
Table 18. Effective Dose Equivalent
Table 19. Radioactive Area Classification
Table 20. Maximum Permissible Dose Limits
Table 21. Maximum Permissible Concentrations and Body Burdens for Common Radionuclides
Table 22. General Rules for the Safe Use of Radioactive Material
Table 23. Emergency Procedures
Table 24. Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Gujidelines
Table 25. License Exempt Levels of Activity
Table 26. Location of Government ReEgulations Referring to the Shipping and Receiving of Radioactive Materials
Table 27. Labeling and Radiation Exposure Limits for Radioactive Packages
Table 28. Procedures for Safely Opening Packages Containing Radioactive Material
Table 29. Type A Package Quantity Limits for Radionuclides Used in Nuclear Medicine
Table 30. Decay in Storage Rules
Table 31. Typical Nuclear Medicine Inspection Checklist
Table 32. Posting Requirements
Table 33. Monitoring Procedures for Work Areas
Table 34. Wipe Tests for Contamination Control of Radioactive Material
Table 35. Mistakes Captured by the Terms "Recordable Event" and "Misadministration"
Table 36. Nuclear Counting Statistics
Table 37. Optimal Distribution of Counting Times
Table 38. Chi-Square Values
Table 39. System Deadtime Formulas
Table 40. Features of Nal (TI) Spectroscopy
Table 41. Calibration of Survey Meter
Table 42. Dose Calibrator Quality Control Tests
Table 43. Well Counter Quality Control Tests
Table 44. Gamma Camera Characteristics
Table 45. Typical Collimator Parameters
Table 46. Gamma Camera Quality Control Procedures
Table 47. SPECT Quality Control Procedures