Internal Radiation Dosimetry (1994 HPS SS)

Internal Radiation Dosimetry (1994 HPS SS)

Author:  Otto Raabe
ISBN:  9780944838471      ISBN10:  0944838472
Published:  1994 | 667 pp | 


Table of Contents


Introduction to Internal Radiation Dosimetry, Otto Raabe

Physical and Chemical Interactions of Radiation With Living Tissues, Wesley E. Bolch

The Biological Basis for Radiation Dosimetry, Herman Cember

From "Micro" to "Macro" Internal Dosimetry, Darrell R. Fisher

An Overview of Monte Carlo Techniques Used in Internal Dose Calculations and Their Statistical Interpretation, Paul S. Stansbury

The Internal Radiation Dosimetry Aspects of the New 10CFR20 Regulations, John W. Poston, Sr.

Characterization of Radioactive Airborne Particles, Otto G. Raabe

Dosimetric Applications of the New ICRP Lung Model, Anthony C. James

Dosimetry of Inhaled Radon and Thoron Progeny, Anthony C. James

Biokinetics of Inhaled Radionuclides, Morris B. Snipes

Biokinetics of Bone-seeking Radionuclides, Richard E. Toohey

Reference Man Anatomical Model, Mark Cristy

Dosimetric Methodology of the ICRP, Keith F. Eckerman

Use of Multi-compartment Models of Retention for Internally Deposited Radionuclides, Kenneth W. Skrable, George E. Chabot, Clayton S. French and Thomas R. La Bone

The MIRD Internal Dose Methodology, Evelyn E. Watson

Patient Dose From Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals, Michael G. Stabin

In Vivo Measurements, David P. Hickman

Analytical Measurements for In Vivo Bioassay of Radionuclides, Narayani P. Singh

Estimation of Intakes From Repetitive Bioassay Measurements, Kenneth W. Skrable, George E. Chabot, Clayton S. French and Thomas R. La Bone

Evaluation of Intakes of Transuranics Influenced by Chelation Therapy, Thomas R. La Bone

Evaluation of Historical Plutonium Urinalysis Data, Henry B. Spitz and Samuel E. Glover

Dose Reconstruction From Bioassay Measurements of Long-Lived Residual Activity, McDonald E. Wrenn and Luiz Bertelli

Postmortem Verification of Internal Dose, Ronald L. Kathren

Practical Applications of Internal Dose Calculations, Eugene H. Carbaugh

Programs for Assessment of Doses From Intakes of Radioactive Materials, Daniel J. Strom

Quality Assurance In Internal Radiation Dosimetry Program, Carol D. Berger

The Perfect Internal Dosimetry Code, Thomas R. La Bone

Medical Management of Internal Contamination Accidents, George L. Voelz and Jerrold T. Bushberg

Estimates of Human Cancer Risks Associated With Internally Deposited Radionuclides, William A. Mills

Three-dimensional Models of Risk From Internally Deposited Radionuclides, Otto G. Raabe

Appendix: Summary of Units and Conversion Factors