Understanding Radiation

Understanding Radiation

Author:  Bjorn Wahlstrom
ISBN:  9780944838624      ISBN10:  0944838626
Published:  1996 | 120 pp | Softcover


Table of Contents

Foreword (by David W. Miller, Ph.D.)

1: The Four Octillion Atoms in Your Body
2: Unstable Nuclei Make a Substance Radioactive
3: How Do You Do, Mr. Becquerel?
4: Half of a Half of a Half of a Half…
5: Radiation Uses in Medicine
6: What About Uses of Radiation in Industry?
7: Are You Getting Too Much?
8: When Radiation Hits You…
9: Big Doses, Big Risks
10: Pick Out the Risk Model That Fits Your Needs!
11: Where Does Your Radiation Dose Come From?
12: Radiation Hazards, Incidents, and Accidents
13: Summary: What is Dangerous and What is Not?