Exposure of the Pregnant Patient to Diagnostic Radiations

Exposure of the Pregnant Patient to Diagnostic Radiations

Author:  Louis Wagner et al
ISBN:  9780944838723      ISBN10:  0944838723
Published:  1997 | 259 pp | 


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: Diagnostic Radiations and Risks to Unborn Children

Diagnostic Radiations and Their Mechanisms for Injury
Units and Measures of Radiations
The Amount of Radiation Absorbed by the Conceptus
Prenatal Risks from Ionizing Radiations, Ultrasound, Magnetic Fields, and Radiofrequency Waves

Part II: The Clinical Management of the Pregnant Patient Needing Diagnostic Study

Preliminary Considerations
Assessing the Risks--What Are the Data?
To Proceed or Not to Proceed

Part III: The Clinical Evaluation of Pregnant Patients Previously Exposed to Diagnostic Radiations

Initial Actions
Risk Evaluation--What Are the Data?
The Decision
Case Reports


A: Conceptus Dose Calculations for X-Ray Examinations
B: Conceptus Dose Calculations for Radionuclide Studies
C: Physical Half-Lives of Radionuclides Used in Nuclear Medicine

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