Basics of Film Processing in Medical Imaging

Basics of Film Processing in Medical Imaging

Author:  Arthur Haus & Susan Jaskulski
ISBN:  9780944838785
Published:  1997 | 338 pp | 


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Film

Chapter 2--Chemicals

Chapter 3: Processors

Chapter 4: Image Quality

Chapter 5: Quality Control

Chapter 6: Artifacts

Chapter 7--Troubleshooting

Appendix A: Reciprocity Law Failure and Latent Image Fading
Appendix B: Manual Method of Time-Temperature Processing
Appendix C: Handling and Processing of Mammography Film
Appendix D: The Mammographic Darkroom
Appendix E: Cleaning Intensifying Screens
Appendix F: Mobile Van Film Processing
Appendix G: The Sensitometric Technique for the Evaluation of Processing (STEP) Test


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