Physics of the Body, 2nd Edition

Physics of the Body, 2nd Edition

Author:  John Cameron et al.
ISBN:  9780944838907      ISBN10:  0944838901
Published:  1999 | 394 pp | Hardcover


Table of Contents

Terminology, Modeling, and Measurement Energy, Heat, Work, and Power of the Body
Conservation of Energy in the Body
Energy Changes in the Body
Work and Power
Heat Losses from the Body
Muscle and Forces
How Forces Affect the Body
Frictional Forces
Forces, Muscles, and Joints
Forces During Collisions
Physics in Teeth
Physics of the Skeleton
The Composition of Bone
The Strength of Bones
Lubrication of Bone Joints
Measurement of Bone Mineral in the Body
Pressure in the Body
Measurement of Pressure in the Body
Pressure Inside the Skull
Pressure in the Eye
Pressure in the Digestive System
Pressure (Stress) in the Skeleton
Pressure in the Urinary Bladder
Pressure Effects While Diving
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HOT)
Osmosis and the Kidneys by Russell K. Hobbie
How Substances Are Transported in Fluids
How Substances are Transported Through Membranes
Regulation of the Interstitial Fluid
The Kidney
The Artificial Kidney
Physics of the Lungs and Breathing
The Airways
How the Blood and Lungs Interact
Measurement of Lung Volumes
Pressure-Airflow-Volume Relationships of the Lungs
Physics of the Alveoli
The Breathing Mechanism
Airway Resistance
The Work of Breathing
Physics of Some Common Lung Diseases
Physics of the Cardiovascular System
Major Components of the Cardiovascular System
O2 and CO2 Exchange in the Capillary System
Work Done by the Heart
Blood Pressure and Its Measurement
Pressure Across the Blood Vessel Wall (Transmural Pressure)
Bernoulli's Principle Applied to the Cardiovascular System
How Fast Does your Blood Flow?
Blood Flow–-Laminar and Turbulent
Heart Sounds
The Physics of Some Cardiovascular Diseases
Some Other Functions of the Blood
Electrical Signals From the Body
The Nervous System and the Neuron
Electric Potentials of Nerves
Electrical Signals from Muscles–-The Electromyogram
Electrical Signals from the Heart–-The Electrocardiogram
Electrical Signals from the Brain–-The Electroencephalogram
Electrical Signals from the Eye–-The Electroretinogram and the Electroculogram
Magnetic Signals from the Heart and Brain–-The Magnetocardiogram and the Magnetoencephalogram
Current Research Involving Electricity in the Body
Sound and Speech
General Properties of Sound
The Body as a Drum
The Stethoscope
The Production of Speech
Physics of the Ear and Hearing
The Ear and Hearing
The Outer Ear
The Middle Ear
The Eustachian Tubes
The Inner Ear
Hair Cells Play the Dominant Role in the Detection of Sound
Sensitivity of the Ears
Testing Your hearing
Deafness and Hearing Aids
The Vestibular Sense System–-Our Hidden Sense of Balance
Physics of the Eyes and Vision
Focusing Elements of the Eye
Some Other Elements of the Eye
The Retina–-The Light Detector of the Eye
The Threshold of Vision
Diffraction Effects on the Eye
Visual Acuity–-How Sharp Are Your Eyes?
Optical Illusions and Related Phenomena
Defective Vision and Its Correction
Color Vision and Chromatic Aberration
Instruments Used in Ophthalmology
General and Chapter References
Appendix A–-Standard Man
Appendix B–-Exponential Behavior and Logarithms


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