Kilovoltage X-Ray Dosimetry for Radiotherapy and Radiobiology (AAPM Proc. #11)

Kilovoltage X-Ray Dosimetry for Radiotherapy and Radiobiology (AAPM Proc. #11)  Price Reduced!

Author:  Chang-Ming Charlie Ma Jan Seuntjens eds.
ISBN:  9781888340167
Published:  1998 |  220 pp | 


Table of Contents


Clinical Applications of Orthovoltage Radiotherapy: Tumors of the Skin, Endorectal Therapy, and Intraoperative Radiation Therapy, Joseph C. Poen, M.D.

kV X-ray Dosimetry: Current Status and Future Challenges, Alan E. Nahum

Status of Kilovoltage X-ray Beam Dosimetry in Radiotherapy, C.-M. Ma, C.W. Coffey, L.A. DeWerd, C. Liu, R. Nath, S.M. Seltzer and J. Seuntjens

An Experimental Comparison of Kilovoltage X-ray Dosimetry Protocols, A. Nisbet, R.J. Aukett, A. Davison, A.G. Glendinning, D.I. Thwaites and D.E. Bonnett

The NCS Code of Practice for Dosimetry of Low- and Medium-Energy X-rays, T.W.M. Grimbergen, A.H.L. Aalbers, B.J. Mijnheer, J. Seuntjens, H. Thierens, J. Van Dam, F.W. Wittkamper and J. Zoetelief

Study of Dosimetry Consistency for Kilovoltage X-ray Beams, C.-M. Ma, X. A. Li, and J. Seuntjens

The Air-Kerma Calibration Procedure for Radiotherapy X-ray Beams, L.A. DeWerd, Ph.D.

Dose Determination in Radiotherapy for Medium- and Low-Energy X-rays in the Framework of the German DIN Standards, U. Schneider

Determination of Absorbed Dose to Water for Medium-Energy X-rays, Based on a Graphite Extrapolation Chamber, U. Schneider

Determination of Absorbed Dose to Water at the Surface of a Water Phantom by Means of Small Parallel-Plate Chambers Embedded in a PMMA Phantom for Low- and Medium-Energy X-rays Up to 150 kV, U. Schneider

Calibration of Superficial and Orthovoltage X-ray Units with Parallel-Plate End-Window Ionization Chambers, Ervin B. Podgorsak, Micheline Gosselin, Michael D.C. Evans, and George Shenouda

Uncertainty in the Selection of the Water-to-Air Ratio of Mean Mass Energy Absorption Coefficients, R.T. Knight

An Alternative Beam Quality Index for Medium Energy X-ray Dosimetry, K.E. Rosser and C.J. Moretti

Type Dependent Correction Factors for Cylindrical Chambers for In-phantom Dosimetry in Medium-Energy X-ray Beams, J.P. Seuntjens, L. Van der Zwan and C.-M. Ma

On the Correction Factors for Cylindrical Ionization Chambers for Medium-Energy X-rays, U. Schneider

Correction Factors for Ion Chamber Waterproofing Sleeves in Kilovoltage X-ray Beams, R. J. Aukett, R.M. Harrison and K.E. Rosser

The Characteristics of Ionization Chambers for Measurements with X-rays in the Kilovoltage Range, R.J. Aukett, R.M. Harrison and K.E. Rosser

Relative Dosimetry Measurement for Kilovoltage X-ray Units, X. Allen Li, C.-M. Ma, D. Salhani

Suitability of Diamond Detectors to Measure Central Axis Depth Kerma Curves for Low- and Medium-Energy X-rays, J. Seuntjens, A.H.L. Aalbers, T.W.M. Grimbergen, B.J. Mijnheer, H. Thierens, J. Van Dam, F.W. Wittkamper, J. Zoetelief, M. Piessens, and P. Piret

Interface Dosimetry in Kilovoltage Photon Beams, Indra J. Das, John D. Chapman, Frank Verhaegen, Darwin E. Zellmer

Ratios of Mass Energy-Absorption Coefficients and Backscatter Factors for Biological Tissues, C.-M. Ma and J.P. Seuntjens

Determination of Cone Effects on Backscatter Factors and Electron Contamination for Superficial X-rays, Lijun Ma, C.-M. Ma, J.F. Nacey and A.L. Boyer

Dosimetry of a Kilovoltage X-ray Unit for Endocavitary Radiotherapy, X. Allen Li, C.-M. Ma, D. Salhani, O. Agboola