Radiation Instruments

Radiation Instruments

Author:  Herman Cember
ISBN:  9781930524033      ISBN10:  193052403X
Published:  2001 | 472 |  Hardcover


Table of Contents


Origins of Modern Health Physics Instrumentation, Ron Kathren

Ionizing Radiation Quantities and Units, Ron Kathren

Gas and Scintillation Detectors Typical to Health Physics Instruments, Alan Justus

Semiconductor Detectors, Charles Kent

Personal Monitoring, R. Craig Yoder

Electronic Dosimeters, Michael W. Lantz

An Overview of Some Electronics Used in Health Physics Instruments F. Morgan Cox and Mark D. Hoover

Air Sampling Instruments, Douglas Draper and Mark Hoover

Calibration of Health Physics Instruments, Alan Justus

Instrumentation for the Measurement of Electromagnetic Fields 3 Khz-300 Ghz, John Leonowich

Radiation Monitoring at Nuclear Power Plants, David W. Miller

Health Physics Instrumentation at Medical Centers, David J. Derenzo

Environmental Instrumentation, Joseph L. Alvarez

Emergency Response Instrumentation, Carson A. Riland

Radiation Instruments In University / Research Laboratories and Accelerators, Raymond Johnson, Jr. and Shawn W. Googins

Radon Measuring Techniques, Bernard Cohen

Everything But the Counting Statistics: Practical Considerations in Instrumentation and Its Selection and Use, Ron Kathren

Instrumentation for the Measurement of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (0-3 Khz) and Laser Optical Radiation, John Leonowich

Radiation Instrumentation Used in Decommissioning, Shane Brightwell

Decommissioning Surveys with Automated Equipment, Joseph J. Shonka

The Georgia Institute of Technology Research Reactor Decommissioning, R.D. Ice, N.E. Hertel, E. Jawdeh, R.S. Eby, S.G. Marske, and L.A. Lundberg

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