#32 Integrating New Technologies into the Clinic: Monte Carlo and Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

#32 Integrating New Technologies into the Clinic: Monte Carlo and Image-Guided Radiation Therapy  Price Reduced!

Author:  Bruce H. Curran, James M. Balter, and Indrin J. Chetty, Program Directors
ISBN:  9781930524330      ISBN10:  1930524331
Published:  2006 | 736 pp  | Hardcover

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Table of Contents

Monte Carlo Sessions:

The Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiation Transfer
Alex F. Bielajew

Monte Carlo Methods for Accelerator Simulation and Photon Beam Modeling
C.-M. Charlie Ma and Daryoush Sheikh-Bagheri

Use of the Monte Carlo Method in Accelerator Head Simulation and Modeling for Electron Beams
Bruce A. Faddegon and Joanna E. Cygler

Monte Carlo Simulations: Efficiency Improvement Techniques and Statistical Considerations
Daryoush Sheikh-Bagheri, Iwan Kawrakow, Blake Walters, and D. W. O. Rogers

Monte-Carlo-based Clinical Treatment Planning: Issues for Consideration
Indrin J. Chetty and Jan P. Seuntjens

Measurement Issues in Commissioning and Benchmarking of Monte Carlo Treatment Planning Systems
Jan P. Seuntjens, Bruce H. Curran, Bruce A. Faddegon, and Joanna E. Cygler

Monte Carlo Applications in IMRT Planning and Quality Assurance
Jeffrey V. Siebers and C.-M. Charlie Ma

Monte Carlo Treatment Planning: Interpretation of Noisy Dose Distributions and Review of Denoising Methods
Iwan Kawrakow and Alex F. Bielajew

Monte Carlo Systems in Pre-clinical and Clinical Treatment Planning: Pitfalls and Triumphs
Joanna E. Cygler, Emily Heath, George X. Ding, and Jan P. Seuntjens

Joint MC-IGRT Sessions:

Motion Compensation Using Rigid Body Approximations in Monte Carlo Treatment Planning
Mihaela Rosu, Daniel L. McShan, Randall K. Ten Haken, and Indrin J. Chetty

Management of Moving Targets in Radiotherapy
Steve B. Jiang

Acquiring 4-D CT Data for Monte Carlo Calculations
Paul J. Keall and Kristy K. Brock

Monte Carlo Non-Adaptive 4-D Treatment Planning in Conformal Radiation Therapy: Why, How, and What To Look For
Mihaela Rosu, Indrin J. Chetty, Marc L. Kessler, and Randall K. Ten Haken

IGRT Sessions:

Commissioning and Use of Conventional CT
Sasa Mutic

Clinical Use of 4-D CT
Daniel A. Low

Use of Imaging Systems for Patient Modeling PET and SPECT
Sasa Mutic

MRI in Radiation Treatment Planning and Assessment
Yue Cao and Lili Chen

Image Registration and Data Fusion for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Marc L. Kessler and Michael Roberson

In-Room Use of Volume Agreement
Lei Dong, Lifei Zhang, and Laurence Court

In-Room Radiographic Imaging for Localization
Fang-Fang Yin, Zhiheng Wang, Sua Yoo, Devon Godfrey, and Q.-R.. Jackie Wu

Fluoroscopy for Image-Guided Radiotherapy
Martin J. Murphy

Ultrasound-Guided In-Room Imaging for Localization
Bill Salter

In-Room Imaging for Localization: Video, Surface
Scott W. Hadley

In-Room Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Jan-Jacob Sonke, Peter Remeijer, and Marcel van Herk

In-Room CT Imaging: Conventional CT
Lei Dong and Jennifer C. O’Daniel

The Integration of Position-Monitoring and Targeted Radiotherapy Control Systems
Paul J. Keall, Sastry Vedam, and Martin J. Murphy

Image-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy Model
Di Yan

TomoTherapy’s Implementation of Image-Guided and Dose-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy
Katja Langen, Sanford Meeks, Patrick Kupelian, Ken Ruchala, Weiguo Lu, Jason Haimerl, Quan Chen, Eric Schnarr, and Gustavo Olivera

On-Board Imaging System: Implementation and Quality Assurance Procedures
Rabih Hammoud, Sua Yoo, and Harrison Guan

Imaging Dose During Image-Guided Radiotherapy
Martin J. Murphy