Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) and Technologically Enhanced NORM (TENORM)

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) and Technologically Enhanced NORM (TENORM)

Author:  P. Andrew Karam and Brian J. Vetter, Editors
ISBN:  9781930524477
Published:  2009 | 550 pp  | Softcover


Table of Contents


Part I: The Fundamental Science of NORM and TENORM
1. Geologic Origin and Environmental Behavior of NORM
Masoud Beitollahi
2. Properties of Natural Radiation and Radioactivity
Daniel J. Strom
3. Industry-Specific Description of the NORM Source Term
Ian Scott Hamilton
4. Uranium Recovery Operations
Janet A. Johnson, Thomas E. Johnson, and Steve Brown
Part II: Radiation Safety Practices and Considerations
5. Characteristics of Routine Radiation Safety Measures for NORM and TENORM Nuclides
Philip V. Egidi
6. Radiation Safety Management Programs for NORM/TENORM
Philip V. Egidi
7. Radioactivity in Glassware and Ceramics
Raymond H. Johnson
8. Radioactivity in Tobacco Products
Raymond H. Johnson
9. Radon in Houses
Raymond H. Johnson
10. Radioactivity in Granite Countertops
Raymond H. Johnson
11. NORM/TENORM Communication Issues for Workers, the Public, and the Media
Raymond H. Johnson
12. NORM Impact on Interdiction at Borders
Richard T. Kouzes
Part III: Regulatory and Legal Issues Involving NORM and TENORM
13. Federal Laws and Regulations on Control of Exposure to Naturally Occurring and Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Material
D. C. Kocher
14. CRCPD Suggested State Regulations Part N
Steve Collins
15. Transportation of NORM/TENORM
Philip V. Egidi
16. Legal Aspects of TENORM Regulation
Charlie Simmons
17. Expert Testimony in Litigation Involving NORM and TENORM
Lynn K. McKay and Ralph H. Johnson