Biomedical Mathematics: Promising Directions in Imaging, Therapy Planning, and Inverse Problems

Biomedical Mathematics: Promising Directions in Imaging, Therapy Planning, and Inverse Problems  Price Reduced!

Author:  Yair Censor, Ming Jiang, and Ge Wang, Editors
ISBN:  9781930524484
Published:  2010 June | 562 pp  | Hardcover

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Table of Contents

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Contributing Authors

1. Planning and Optimizing Treatment Plans for Actively Scanned Proton Therapy
Francesca Albertini, Sylvain Gaignat, Matthias Bosshardt, Antony J. Lomax

2. Identification and Characterization of Transcriptome-based Biomarkers in Arthritis and Cancer for Personalized Medicine by Translational Genomics
Ashok R. Amin and Ge Wang

3. Approximate Stability Estimates in Inverse Transport Theory
Guillaume Bal and Alexandre Jollivet

4. General Resolvents for Monotone Operators: Characterization and Extension
Heinz H. Bauschke, Xianfu Wang, and Liangjin Yao

5. Clustering, Classification, and Contour Approximation of Data
Adi Ben-Israel and Cem Iyigun

6. Multi-Slice CT: Optimizing the Use of Intravenous Contrast Material
James A. Brink, M.D.

7. Statistical Iterative Reconstruction for X-Ray Computed Tomography
Bruno De Man and Jeffrey A. Fessler

8. On the Estimation of Motion-Induced Temporal Dose Variations in Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Treatment Fields
Eric D. Ehler and Wolfgang A. Tomé

9. A Class of Iterative Methods: Semi-convergence, Stopping Rules, Inconsistency, and Constraining
Tommy Elfving, Touraj Nikazad, and Constantin Popa

10. Radiation Therapy Planning with a Given Set of Binary Matrices
Çigdem Güler and Horst W. Hamacher

11. Mathematical Theory for X-Ray Phase-Contrast Imaging with 2D Grating Interferometry
Ming Jiang and Ge Wang

12. An Approach to Motion Compensation in Tomography
Alexander Katsevich

13. Iterative Algorithms for the Multiple-Sets Split Feasibility Problem
Genaro López,Victoria Martín-Márquez, and Hong-Kun Xu

14. X-Ray Phase Imaging with Talbot Interferometry
Atsushi Momose, Wataru Yashiro, and Yoshihiro Takeda

15. Acoustic Imaging in 3D
Frank Natterer

16. Optimization of Physical and Biological Dose Distributions in Hadron Therapy
Uwe Oelfke, Joanne Kang, Daniel Pflugfelder, and Jan Jakob Wilkens

17. Block-Iterative and String-Averaging Projection Algorithms in Proton Computed Tomography Image Reconstruction
Scott N. Penfold, Reinhard W. Schulte, Yair Censor, Vladimir Bashkirov, Scott McAllister, Keith E. Schubert, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

18. Advanced Contrast Modalities for X-Ray Radiology: Phase-Contrast and Dark-Field Imaging Using a Grating Interferometer
Franz Pfeiffer, Martin Bech, Torben Jensen, Oliver Bunk, Tilman Donath, Christian David, Timm Weitkamp, Geraldine Le Duc, Alberto Bravin, and Peter Cloetens

19. Comparison of Some Reconstruction Schemes for Optical Tomography
Martin J. Schweiger and Simon R. Arridge

20. Seminorm-Induced Oblique Projections for Sparse Nonlinear Convex Feasibility Problems
Alexander Segal and Yair Censor

21. 3D Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging in Turbid Inhomogeneous Media by Using Time-Gated Data Acquisition
Vadim Y. Soloviev, Cosimo D’Andrea, Gianluca Valentini, Rinaldo Cubeddu, and Simon R. Arridge

22. Towards a New Paradigm for Radiation Treatment Planning
George Starkschall

23. Towards the Patient-Adaptive Approach to Risk Evaluation, Treatment Planning, and Delivery of Thoracic Radiotherapy
Alexei Trofimov, Cornelia Gansemer, Adam D.Yock, Christian Vrancic, Thomas Bortfeld, and Noah C. Choi

24. Imaging Biomarkers
Michael Vannier

25. Interior Tomography: Practical Applications
Ge Wang, Hengyong Yu,Yangbo Ye

26. Real-Time Imaging for Radiation Therapy Guidance
Rodney D.Wiersma ,Nadeem Riaz, and Lei Xing

27. Interior Tomography: Mathematical Analysis
Yangbo Ye, Hengyong Yu, Ge Wang