Advances in Medical Physics: 2008

Advances in Medical Physics: 2008

Author:  Anthony B. Wolbarst, Kenneth L. Mossman, and William R. Hendee
ISBN:  9781930524781
Published:  2008 | 368 pp.  | eBook

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Table of Contents

1. Digital Radiography, Mammography, and Fluoroscopy
J. Anthony Seibert

2. Image Display Systems
Ehsan Samei, Aldo Badano

3. CT, PET, SPECT Reconstruction Algorithms
David S. Lalush

4. CT Quality Control
Dianna D. Cody, Donna M. Stevens, John Rong

5. CT Doses
Michael F. McNitt-Gray

6. MRI Update
Michael C. Steckner

7. The Principles of Quantitative MRI
Geoffrey D. Clarke, Yongsook Lee

8. Molecular Imaging: Physics and Bioapplications of Quantum Dots
Xavier Michalet, Laurent A. Bentolila, Shimon Weiss

9. Finite Training of Radiologists and Statistical Learning Machines: Parallel Lessons
Robert F. Wagner, Waleed A. Yousef, Weijie Chen

10. Computer-Aided Detection/Computer-Aided Diagnosis
Maryellen L. Giger

11. Health Risks of Exposure to Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation
Kenneth L. Mossman, Mandana M. Behbahani

12. Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
J. Daniel Bourland

13. Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Marc Edwards, Scott Sorensen

14. Treatment Plan Optimization: An Elusive Goal
Ellen D. Yorke, Chen-Shou Chui

15. Introduction to Therapy Vault Shielding Design as Presented in NCRP Report 151
James E. Rodgers

16. Regulation in Medicine: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Expanding Role in Radiation Safety and Security
Gregory B. Jaczko

17. Some Perspectives and Insights from Modern Statistical Modeling
Donald E. Herbert

18. The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering and NIH Grant Process: An Overview
Anthony B. Wolbarst, William R. Hendee