Medical Dosimetry Certification Study Guide, Second Edition

Medical Dosimetry Certification Study Guide, Second Edition

Author:  K.N. Govinda Rajan, Ph.D.
ISBN:  9781930524811
Published:  October 2015 | 473 pp | eBook

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Table of Contents

I Radiation Physics 1

A. Radioactivity 1
B. Production of X-rays 6
C. Interaction of Radiation with Matter—Photons and Electrons 8
D. Treatment Machine Characteristics 12
E. Radiation Quantities, Units, and Measurements 23

II. Localization 65

A. Treatment Planning Concepts 65
B. Acquisition of Patient Data 68
C. Patient Positioning and Immobilization 89
D. Ancillary Treatment Devices 94
E. Treatment Simulation and Verification 95

III. Treatment Planning, Techniques, and Delivery 127

A. Treatment Planning Concepts 127
B. Photon Beam Isodose Curve Parameters 129
C. Photon Beam Isodose Distributions 132
D. Electron Beam Dose Distributions 134
E. Treatment Planning Systems 142
F. Radiobiology and Clinical Oncology 146
G. Treatment Techniques and Treatment Delivery 158

IV. Dose Calculation Methods 191

A. Applied Mathematics 191
B. Beam Calibrations (Photon and Electron Beams) 197
C. Basic External Beam Calculations (Photon Beams) 209
D. Basic External Beam Calculations (Electron Beams) 257
E. Effects of Beam-modifying Devices 269
F. Irregular Field Calculations 279
G. Special Calculations 282
H. Corrections for Tissue Inhomogeneities and Surface Obliquities 289

V. Brachytherapy 333

A. Basic Concepts 333
B. Brachytherapy Source Characteristics 338
C. Dose Distributions 346
D. Dose Calculations 352
E. Source Localization 354
F. Interstitial Dosimetry 359
G. Intracavitary Therapy Dosimetry 372

VI. Radiation Protection 391

A. General Radiation Protection 392
B. Maximum Permissible Dose Equivalent (Dose and Dose Limits) 395
C. Time, Distance, and Shielding (and ALARA Concepts) 397
D. Brachytherapy Source Handling and Storage 399
E. Structural Shielding 404
F. Radiation Monitoring 410

VII. Quality Assurance 427

A. Treatment Delivery Equipment (External Beam Therapy and Brachytherapy) 427
B. Imaging Systems for Treatment Planning 441
C. Treatment Planning System (TPS) 447
D. Record and Verify Systems 451
E. QA in Advanced Treatment Techniques 452
F. Display Monitor QA 459
G. Measurement Equipment 461