Bluebells and Nuclear Energy

Bluebells and Nuclear Energy

Author:  Albert Reynolds
ISBN:  9780944838631      ISBN10:  0944838634
Published:  1996 | 302 pp | Softcover



For many years, the author has taught summer courses on nuclear energy and radiation to elementary and secondary school science teachers. The purpose is to prepare teachers to teach these topics to their students. This book has grown out of those experiences. It is designed not only for teachers and their students but also for members of the general public who want to learn more than they already know about nuclear energy and radiation.

Without talking down to his readers, Dr. Reynolds explains in a very understandable way what radiation is, what its applications are, how nuclear power plants work, and why they are safe.

Dr. Reynolds is Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Virginia and a fellow of the American Nuclear Society.

"I heartily endorse your book as a significant contribution in educating people about nuclear technology, which already plays a vital role in our civilization."
Dr. Jerry M. Cuttler, President, Canadian Nuclear Society

" excellent resource, reference and guide to understanding the crucial elements and issues. I find the level of complexity and the depth of coverage to be very appropriate for the background of my students."
Dave Ridenour, high school physics, nuclear energy, and astronomy teacher