Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology CD-ROM

Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology CD-ROM

Author:  Cupido Daniels Individual/Institution
ISBN:  9780944838716      ISBN10:  0944838715
Published:  1996 |  | CD-ROM



Requires: 486 processor or faster: 4MB RAM: Windows 3.1 or later:
color monitor with color video card: 2X CD ROM drive.
ISBN 0-944838-715

View and study the CD ROM at your convenience. Then complete the post-test. Answer sheets and instructions are provided with the CD purchase. A $25.00 processing fee will be required when submitting answers for grading.

Designed for senior medical students, junior radiology residents, radiology clinical trainees, and elective students and x-ray technologists.

This highly interactive, Windows-based CD-ROM with more than 2,000 high-quality images, animations, video files, and original artwork provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of radiological interpretation. The content is divided into four major categories: Abdomen and Pelvis, Chest, Musculo-Skeletal, and Neuroradiology

Besides case-based introductions to many major pathologic conditions, there are tutorials on Approach to Interpretation, Radiologic Anatomy, and Physical Principles of Imaging Modalities.