Practical Manual of Brachytherapy

Practical Manual of Brachytherapy

Author:  Bernard Pierquin & Ginette Marinello
ISBN:  9780944838730      ISBN10:  0944838731
Published:  1997 | 296 pp | 



Originally published in France as Manuel practique de curietherapy, this is an updated and comprehensive review of brachytherapy physics and clinical applications. The first section contains all of the technical and dosimetric data necessary to practice the modern techniques of brachytherapy, such as a description of low and high-dose-rate sources (photon and beta sources), the equipment necessary to calibrate and check them, the different methods of manual and computerized dose calculation, a description of the Paris system of dosimetry for endobrachytherapy or endoluminal brachytherapy, including predictive dosimetry, dose specification, and calculation of treatment time. The basis of radiobiology and radiation protection are also presented and illustrated by numerous practical examples.

The second part of the book is dedicated to the most representative clinical applications of the Paris system. For each clinical location treated, the following are presented:

Topographical anatomy
A brief description of the lesion and extension assessment
The technique of dosimetry
Dosimetry itself with an example of dose distribution
Monitoring during application
Results and Complications

The book was written by 22 experts, each one currently practicing brachytherapy and involved in teaching students. The result is a practical book that will be very useful to medical physicists, radiation therapists, dosimetrists, radiographers, and nurses.