Practical Applications of Internal Dosimetry

Practical Applications of Internal Dosimetry

Author:  Wesley E. Bolch, editor
ISBN:  9781930524095      ISBN10:  1930524099
Published:  2002 | 480 pp. | 

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This text was originally released as a supplement to Internal Radiation Dosimetry (1994, Medical Physics Publishing), edited by Otto Raabe. Chapter 1 begins with a detailed overview of the anatomy and physiology of organ systems essential to our understanding of radionuclide entry to the body and deposition within internal organs. Detailed biokinetic models of inhalation, ingestion, and skin entry are then given in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 addresses concepts of exposure and bioassay as needed in internal dose assessment programs. Chapter 4 addresses the design and conduct of these programs, with specific emphasis on current regulatory and legal requirements. Support information to Chapters 3 and 4 are given in Chapter 5 (variance reduction models) and Chapter 6 (fecal monitoring for plutonium and other long-lived actinides). Chapters 7 and 8 cover Bayesian statistics and the use of Markov Chain Monte Carlo, respectively, as applied to internal dosimetry. Medical aspects of internal dosimetry are covered in Chapter 9 (nuclear medicine) and in Chapter 10 (radionuclide therapy). In many of these chapters, the authors provide detailed examples and case studies for better understanding of the concepts and theory presented.