A Procedural Guide to Film Dosimetry

A Procedural Guide to Film Dosimetry

Author:  Inhwan Jason Yeo and Jong Oh Kim
ISBN:  9781930524194      ISBN10:  1930524196
Published:  2004 | 65pp  | Softcover



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This book presents methods of dose distribution and procedures for those who practice film dosimetry. Therefore, it can serve as a reference as well as a practical manual. It is assumed that the reader has a background in radiation physics, but is not familiar with film dosimetry. The first chapter comparatively reviews film with different dosimeters. The second chapter explains the basics of film response and describes the response mathematically. Each of the remaining chapters (except for chapter 6) is divided into two parts: underlying principles and a procedure. The procedure can serve as an independent guide for carrying out film dosimetry without a rigorous understanding of the underlying principles. Step-by-step worksheets are provided for each procedure, and a detailed checklist of setup for film measurement is included as an appendix to chapter 4.