Physics of Radiology, Second Edition

Physics of Radiology, Second Edition

Author:  Anthony B. Wolbarst
ISBN:  9781930524651
Published:  2005 | 660 pp | eBook

Price:   $ 110.00



Sample Chapter 13: Gamma Ray Imaging I: Harnessing Radioactive Decay [pdf format]

This new, updated and expanded edition of a popular textbook on medical imaging is intended primarily for use by radiology residents and other interested physicians. In a relaxed, straightforward writing style, Dr. Wolbarst pulls together seemingly unrelated pieces of basic science and technology and illustrates how they fit together to form the foundation of medical imaging. He provides a great deal of detailed, practical information on how the various imaging technologies actually work and on the factors that affect their performance.

Nearly all of the equations are simple proportionalities, and the meanings of many of them are illustrated in the Exercises. The properties of the linear, exponential and sine functions, and the rudimentary ideas about probability and statistics that are needed, are reviewed in appendices to the chapters where they are introduced.

New chapters in this edition include "Nuclear Cardiology, SPECT, and PET": "Spiral and Multi-Slice CT": "PACS, IMACS, and the Integrated Digital Department": and a chapter on emergency response to radiological disasters and the roles that radiologists could assume.

This book is also available in hardcover, ISBN #9781930524224