Radiation Risk Communication: Issues and Solutions (HPS 2010), eBook

Radiation Risk Communication: Issues and Solutions (HPS 2010), eBook

Author:  Raymond H. Johnson, Editor
ISBN:  9781930524859
Published:  2010 | 282 pp  | eBook

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Communication has been a great challenge to health physicists since the origin of the profession in the 1940s. Part of the challenge is related to a lack of technical understanding among the general public, which affects all fields of science and technology. However, health physicists also have to deal with the public's fear about radiation. Virtually everyone is afraid of radiation, at least under some circumstances. As we attempt to communicate a helpful understanding of radiation safety, the fears of radiation held by the public, workers, medical professionals, first responders and others may overshadow our best efforts.

This textbook was prepared for the Health Physics Society Professional Development School on Radiation Risk Communication – Issues and Solutions held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on January 28-29, 2010. The school and this textbook are intended to respond to the long-term concerns of health physicists about addressing communication needs. The authors of this book have drawn upon lifetime experience as specialists in radiation safety and as risk communicators. The intent of the book is to cover most communication scenarios that health physicists may encounter in the course of their careers.