A Practical Guide to Inversely Optimized Treatment Planning

A Practical Guide to Inversely Optimized Treatment Planning  Price Reduced!

Author:  E. Ishmael Parsai and Ana I. Bejarano B.
ISBN:  9781951134204
Published:  March 2023 | 308 pp | Hardcover

Price:   $ 87.95      List Price 110.00



While intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is now a standard practice in some regions, many clinical facilities worldwide have yet to integrate these advanced techniques. Following the initial adoption of IMRT, radiation oncology teams often encounter a significant challenge: attaining proficiency in the planning process for diverse anatomical sites.

A Practical Guide to Inversely Optimized Treatment Planning serves as a comprehensive resource for those venturing into IMRT for the first time. This book not only details the essential technical prerequisites but also provides valuable insights and recommendations for inverse planning with an emphasis on planning procedures for diverse anatomical sites. Readers will benefit from the inclusion of sample plans derived from three of the most prevalent treatment planning systems (TPS), facilitating a smoother transition and proficiency in IMRT adoption. This book is a vital read for radiation oncology teams worldwide, offering invaluable guidance for effective IMRT implementation.

This book is also available as an eBook, ISBN #9781951134211