#22 Brachytherapy Physics (1994 AAPM Summer School)

#22 Brachytherapy Physics (1994 AAPM Summer School)

Author:  Jeffrey Williamson et al.
ISBN:  9780944838501      ISBN10:  0944838502
Published:  1995 | 715 pp | 


Table of Contents


Basic Principles

History of Brachytherapy, Frank Ellis

Physical Properties and Clinical Uses of Brachytherapy Radionuclides, Ravinder Nath

Radiobiophysical Aspects of Brachytherapy, C. Clifton Ling and Jitendra N. Roy

Brachytherapy Source Strength: Quantities, Units, and Standards, William F. Hanson

Quantitative Dosimetry Methods in Brachytherapy, Jeffrey Williamson and Ali S. Meigooni

Dose Calculation Models in Brachytherapy, Keith Weaver

Principles of Brachytherapy Quality Assurance, Glenn P. Glasgow

The Brachytherapy Regulatory Environment: Organization of Radiation Safety Program, Anthony Benedetto

Brachytherapy Treatment Planning

Dosimetry of Some Interstitial and Intracavitary Sources and Their Applicators, Jerome A. Meli

Single-Source Dosimetry for Interstitial Brachytherapy, Ali S. Meigooni, Jeffrey F. Williamson, and Ravider Nath

Source Localization, Jerome A. Meli

Quality Assurance of Computer-Assisted Treatment Planning, David L. Neblett and Jon S. Wesick

Three-Dimensional Imaging Techniques in Brachytherapy, Mary Kaye Martel

Dose Specification and Clinical Implementation

Clinical Techniques and Applicators for Interstitial Implantation, David L. Neblett

Classical Systems I for Temporary Interstitial Implants: Manchester and Quimby Systems, Lowell L. Anderson and Joseph E. Presser

Classical Systems II for Planar and Volume Temporary Interstitial Implants: The Paris and Other Systems, Michael T. Gillin, Katherine S. Albano and Beth Erickson

Dose Specification and Quantification of Implant Quality, Lowell L. Anderson

ICRU Recommendations on Dose Specification in Brachytherapy, William F. Hanson and Maria Graves

Dose Prescription, Dose Specification, and Applicator Geometry in Intracavitary Therapy, Roger A. Potish, Bruch J. Gerbi and G. Phillip Engeler

Clinical Intracavitary Systems for Treatment of Gynecologic Malignancies, Patricia J. Eifel

Design and Treatment Planning for Permanent Implants, Lawrence W. Berkeley

Stereotactically Guided Brain Implants, Keith Weaver

I-125 Episcleral Eye Plaques for Treatment of Intra-Ocular Malignancies, Sou-Tung Chiu-Tsao

Remotely Afterloaded Brachytherapy

Principles of Remote Afterloading Devices, Glenn P. Glasgow

Commissioning of Non-Stepping Source Remote Afterloaders, Eric D. Slessinger

Clinical Implementation of Low Dose-Rate Remote Afterloading Brachytherapy, Eric D. Slessinger

Source-Strength Standards and Calibration of HDR/PDR Sources, Larry A. DeWerd and Bruce R. Thomadsen

Commissioning of Single Stepping-Source Remote Applicators, Gary A. Ezzell

Clinical Physics of Pulse Dose-Rate (PDR) Remotely Afterloaded Brachytherapy, Jeffrey F. Williamson, Perry W. Grigsby, Ali S. Meigooni, and Stephen P. Teague

Clinical Implantation of Dwell Time Optimization Techniques for Single Stepping-Source Remote Afterloaders, Gary A. Ezzell and Robert W. Luthmann

Clinical Implementation of Dwell Time Optimization Techniques for Single Stepping-Source Remote Afterloaders, Gary A. Ezzell and Robert W. Luthmann

Clinical Implementation of HDR Intracavitary and Transluminal Brachytherapy, Bruce R. Thomadsen

Clinical Implementation of Remote-Afterloading, Interstitial Brachytherapy, Bruce R. Thomadsen

Socioeconomic Aspects of Remote Afterloading, Perry W. Grigsby and Susan Baker