#22 Brachytherapy Physics (1994 AAPM Summer School)

#22 Brachytherapy Physics (1994 AAPM Summer School)

Author:  Jeffrey Williamson et al.
ISBN:  9780944838501      ISBN10:  0944838502
Published:  1995 | 715 pp | 



This textbook-quality proceedings will aid experienced radiation oncology physicists in implementing unfamiliar brachytherapy treatment modalities in their clinics.

The first section of the book emphasizes the fundamental physical and biological principles underlying the application of sealed radioactive sources to cancer therapy, including quality assurance. The regulatory environment is also reviewed. The next two sections cover practical treatment planning, dose specification, and clinical applications of interstitial and intracavitary brachytherapy. Section IV covers the application of afterloading technology to both low and high dose-rate brachytherapy. The remaining chapters deal with quality assurance, treatment planning and development of treatment systems for various clinical sites. Also described are recent advances in basic dosimetry, treatment planning, quality assurance, radiation safety, and dosimetric and biologic principles underlying brachytherapy.