The Modern Technology of Radiation Oncology, Vol 4

The Modern Technology of Radiation Oncology, Vol 4

Author:  Jacob Van Dyk, Editor
ISBN:  9781951134020
Published:  2020 September | 522 | Hardcover

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Technology Evolution in Radiation Oncology: the Rapid Pace Continues
  Jacob Van Dyk

Chapter 2: Surface Guidance in Radiation Therapy
  Hania A. Al-Hallaq, Alonso N. Gutierrez, and Laura I. Cerviño

Chapter 3: PET/MRI as a Tool in Radiation Oncology
  Jonathan D. Thiessen, Stewart Gaede, and Glenn Bauman

Chapter 4: Real-Time Image Guidance with Magnetic Resonance
  Jan J. W. Lagendijk, Bas W. Raaymakers, Rob H. N. Tijssen, and Bram van Asselen

Chapter 5: Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
  Mischa S. Hoogeman, Patrick V. Granton, Maaike T. W. Milder, Ben J. M. Heijmen, and Hanbo Chen

Chapter 6: Radiation Treatment Uncertainties: Robust Evaluation and Optimization
  Roel G. J. Kierkels, Albin Fredriksson, and Jan Unkelbach

Chapter 7: Automated Treatment Planning
  Laurence Court, Carlos Cardenas, and Lifei Zhang

Chapter 8: Artificial Intelligence in Radiation Oncology
  Tomi Nano, Matthieu Lafrenière, Benjamin Ziemer, Alon Witztum, Jorge Barrios, Taman Upadhaya, Martin Vallières, Yannet Interian, Gilmer Valdes, and Olivier Morin

Chapter 9: Adaptive Radiation Therapy (ART)
  Emily A. Hewson, Doan T. Nguyen, Geoffrey D. Hugo, Jeremy T. Booth, and Paul J. Keall

Chapter 10: Machine Learning in Radiation Oncology: What Have We Learned So Far?
  Issam El Naqa, Jean M. Moran, and Randall K. Ten Haken

Chapter 11: Applications of “Big Data” in Radiation Oncology
  Biche Osong, Andre Dekker, and Johan van Soest

Chapter 12: Quantitative Radiomics in Radiation Oncology
  Mattea L. Welch, Alberto Traverso, Caroline Chung, and David A. Jaffray

Chapter 13: Radiobiological Updates in Particle Therapy
  Harald Paganetti and Michael Scholz

Chapter 14: Radiation Oncology using Nanoparticles with High Atomic Numbers
  Romy Mueller, Jana Wood, Mohammed Jermoumi, Ysaac Zegeye, Sayeda Yasmin-Karim, Kaylie DeCosmo, Michele Moreau, Francis Boateng, Juergen Hesser, and Wilfred Ngwa

Chapter 15: Financial and Economic Considerations in Radiation Oncology
  Yolande Lievens, Danielle Rodin, and Ajay Aggarwal

Chapter 16: Global Considerations for the Practice of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology
  Jacob Van Dyk, David Jaffray, and Robert Jeraj

Chapter 17: Emerging Technologies for Improving Access to Radiation Therapy
  Holger Wirtz, Ralf Müller-Polyzou, Anke Engbert, Rebecca Bücker, Godfrey Azangwe, Tomas Kron, Marian Petrovic, Mahmudul Hasan, and Ernest Okonkwo

Chapter 18: “FLASH” Radiation Therapy: A New Treatment Paradigm
  Peter G. Maxim, Billy W. Loo, Jr., Claude Bailat, Pierre Montay-Gruel, Charles L. Limoli, and Marie-Catherine Vozenin