The Physics of Radiotherapy X-Rays from Linear Accelerators (softcover)

The Physics of Radiotherapy X-Rays from Linear Accelerators (softcover)

Author:  Peter Metcalfe, Tomas Kron and Peter Hoban
ISBN:  9780944838761      ISBN10:  0944838766
Published:  1997 | 493 pp | Softcover



The Physics of Radiotherapy X-Rays from Linear Accelerators "…has some striking features not covered in other classical textbooks of radiotherapy…excellent coverage of photon beam modeling and inhomogeneity correction methods, Monte Carlo and convolution methods and modern tumor and normal tissue response concepts pertinent to radiotherapy treatment planning…an excellent rendering of the field for medical physics students interested in becoming professionals in this field." — Bhudatt Paliwal, Medical Physics, March 1998

This book describes the physical properties of x-ray beams produced by medical linear accelerators. It deals with the mathematical modeling and dosimetry of radiotherapy x-ray beams and includes traditional modeling methods as well as the convolution and Monte Carlo methods. Ionization chamber and TLD dosimetry are dealt with in detail and new dosimetry techniques such as radiochromic film are also discussed. The authors link dose to radiobiological effect and tumor control probability by use of the linear quadratic model.

The book is designed as a comprehensive reference for medical radiation oncology physicists as well as a reference text and tutorial for students. Dosimetrists, radiation therapists, and oncologists who have a particular interest in radiation dose distributions in patients will also find the book useful, especially with regard to dose distributions in and around inhomogeneities.

The book includes an index and extensive references. It is illustrated with more than 200 line drawings, charts, and photos