Study Guide for Radiation Oncology Physics Board Exams

Study Guide for Radiation Oncology Physics Board Exams  Price Reduced!

Author:  Brian Berman
ISBN:  9780944838945      ISBN10:  0944838944
Published:  2000 | 112 pp | Softcover

Price:   $ 27.95      List Price 35.00



This study guide helps radiation oncology physics board exam candidates prepare for their written exams. It covers both general physics and therapeutic radiological physics. Unlike some other test preparation guides, this book does not present “questions” and “answers.” Instead, you’ll find key medical physics concepts and formulas that will apply to the whole range of board exam questions. By focusing on the basic principles of the medical physics field, it deepens your understanding of the subjects covered, thereby improving your board exam scores. In effect, these are your entire program’s class notes boiled down to the basics.