Applied Radiobiology: Continuous Irradiation and Brachytherapy

Applied Radiobiology: Continuous Irradiation and Brachytherapy

Author:  David Wigg
ISBN:  9781930524392
Published:  2008 | 288 pp.  | Hardcover



Sample Chapter [pdf format]

Includes CD with 21 interactive equations! (CD ISBN: 9781930524453) The purpose of this book is to help clarify how radiobiological processes are involved in continuous irradiation in its various forms. In an attempt to understand biological processes and how clinical irradiation may be applied to these processes, models have been written to demonstrate some of the biology involved and to provide possible approximate mathematical solutions. Particular attention has been paid to the repair process and repair rates. The equations may be explored using default parameter values or by consulting the many tables of parameter values provided in the book. Because there is considerable overlap between continuous irradiation and fractionated external beam treatment, the author has also included models addressing this. A good teaching and research tool for exploring potential applications of relevant models.