Lectures on Radiation Dosimetry Physics: A Deeper Look into the Foundations of Clinical Protocols

Lectures on Radiation Dosimetry Physics: A Deeper Look into the Foundations of Clinical Protocols  Price Reduced!

Author:  Michael W. Kissick and Sharareh Fakhraei
ISBN:  9781930524927
Published:  November 2016 | 156 pp | Softcover

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This book covers essential physics concepts for understanding and calculating problems in the physical energy deposited in matter from ionizing radiation. The focus of application is on medical uses, both imaging and radiation therapy. There is more weight on radiation therapy throughout the book because of the much greater need for accuracy and precision in that field.
Modern protocols can guide a person toward uncertainties of only 0.5% in the energy deposited per unit mass, the dose. In order to achieve this remarkably low level of uncertainty, one must fully understand all of the subtleties along the way. That is the purpose of this book.
The aim of this work is to provide a deep understanding of all the pieces that underlie these practical protocols, and not to teach one how to use these protocols. It should be of interest to those who already have a basic education in this field, but who wish to expand and deepen their knowledge without all of the overhead of a large textbook. The information contained herein provides a more intuitive grasp of the physics concepts used in radiation dosimetry in medical applications, especially, but not limited to, radiation therapy physics.
This book is based on course notes from Medical Physics 501, a quite famous course in the Medical Physics Department of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. All of this material derives very heavily from Frank “Herb” Attix, the course’s original instructor. It also benefited from Thomas Rockwell Mackie, the course’s second instructor, who innovated by more properly organizing the material.
This work also draws upon many others, including Paul DeLuca and others in the University of Wisconsin–Madison medical physics and human oncology departments. Also helpful were many of the faculty of the nuclear engineering departments of both Pennsylvania State University and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

This book is also available as an eBook, ISBN #9781930524934