Shielding Techniques for Radiation Oncology Facilities, 3rd Edition

Shielding Techniques for Radiation Oncology Facilities, 3rd Edition  Price Reduced!

Author:  Melissa Martin and Patton H. McGinley
ISBN:  9781951134006
Published:  July 2020 | 170 pp | Hardcover

Price:   $ 74.95      List Price 90.00



Patton McGinley’s classic Shielding Techniques has been updated to take into account the latest national and international standards for radiation facility shielding. McGinley retired from Emory Clinic in 2000, but he continues to produce shielding evaluations as a private consultant.

AAPM Past-President Melissa Martin joins Pat McGinley for this third edition. Martin has represented ANSI since 2012 on the sub-committee that prepared ISO Standard Number 16645 (2016), which addresses shielding for medical electron accelerators. She founded the consulting firm Therapy Physics, Inc., which has provided shielding design reports for over 500 radiation oncology treatment rooms around the world.

This book is also available as an eBook, ISBN: 9781951134013